Friday 16 September 2005

Slony-I on Windows

Magnus pinged me last night and was kind enough to point out how neglected my blog had become recently, so I figured I'd better write a new entry before the cobwebs become too thick to see through. In my defence, I've been incredibly busy recently with upcoming releases of psqlODBC, pgInstaller, pgAdmin and PostgreSQL, not to mention being busy in my day job as well!

So, in order to put things write I figured I'd mention the 'other' project I've been working on recently, the Windows port of Slony-I. A bunch of us (well, myself, Magnus Hagander and Andreas Pflug) were assembled into a team by Hiroshi Saito to port Slony-I to Windows, update the documentation, sort out the regression tests, and add full support to pgAdmin. Just before lunch, I posted the final patch (the documentation) of that little lot to the Slony mailing list for review, and finally, the end is in sight! Bar a couple of minor improvements to make, thats pretty much the project completed - so come the next major Slony release, you'll be able to replicate you PostgreSQL databases to and from your Windows boxen.

So, effort now moves to our presentation. Part of the deal with Hiroshi is that we present our work to the Japan PostgreSQL Users Group (JPUG), so at the end of October the three of us will be jetting off to Tokyo for a few days of trains, sushi and sake. I can't wait to get there :-)