Thursday 7 December 2006

Joining EnterpriseDB

Once again I've been neglecting my blog - this time it's been months and months since my last entry which looking back I see was a drunken rambling following a conversation with (and about) Jim Nasby in the company of Magnus and an assortment of people from EnterpriseDB. Which is quite a coincidence really as the point of this blog entry is to announce to anyone that's interested that after more than 11 years at Vale Housing, I'll be joining EnterpriseDB in January.

So, from the new year I'll be braving the A34 on a daily basis to work primarily from the EnterpriseDB Performance Center in Bicester, near Oxford. PostgreSQL regulars may already know that means I'll be sharing an office with well known PostgreSQL hackers Simon Riggs, Heikki Linnakangas and Greg Stark.

As for pgAdmin and my other community work, EnterpriseDB have kindly agreed to allow me time to continue contributing to all the PostgreSQL projects I work on so I expect to dedicate as much time to pgAdmin development and the Windows PostgreSQL distribution as I've been able to do at Vale.

Anyway, enough rambling - if you want to know more about EnterpriseDB, checkout the website, or (for reasons that I still find somewhat baffling), the marketing guys decided to mention me in a press release.