Tuesday 17 January 2006

www.pgadmin.org gets a facelift

Well, I figured it was about time to update the old blog with a new entry for 2006 (Happy New Year btw). A short entry this time - I've just finished a major update of the pgAdmin website.

Nothing spectacular, just:

  • an update of the colour scheme to match the current version of pgAdmin
  • a re-write of the framework code and CSS
  • a whole heap of reorganising of content in order to split some of the excessively long pages down into multiple smaller ones.
  • the addition of the 1.4 and development documentation, updated hourly from SVN

Currently it's all in English, but in a week or so once all the typos have been spotted I'll pass it on to the translators.

Anyhoo, check it out at http://www.pgadmin.org. Enjoy.