Monday 17 November 2008

More StackBuilder apps available for Linux & Mac

If you've ever used PostgreSQL 8.3 on Windows, you'll be aware of StackBuilder, the package management tool that's included for downloading and installing additional tools, drivers and applications to work with PostgreSQL. Designed to be really easy to use, you simply run StackBuilder, choose the applications you wish to install (any dependencies will be automatically installed as well), and it will download them and set them up to work with your PostgreSQL installation.
With the release of PostgreSQL 8.3.5 a few of weeks ago, we (the excellent team I work with at EnterpriseDB) added Linux and Mac ports of StackBuilder to the PostgreSQL 'one click' installers that we maintain, and as of Friday have an almost identical set of applications available via StackBuilder on Windows, Mac and Linux (32 and 64 bit).

So, currently available for all four platforms, we have:
  • PostgreSQL 8.3.5
  • psqlODBC
  • pgJDBC
  • PostGIS
  • Slony
  • Apache + PHP
  • Drupal*
  • mediaWiki
  • phpBB
  • phpPgAdmin
  • phpWiki
In addition, we also published our own Tuning Wizard and MySQL Migration Wizard apps. We're working on additional updates and new apps all the time, so fire up StackBuilder regularly to check for new packages.

* Note: The Drupal release for 64 bit Linux has been delayed due to a last minute issue found during testing.

Ladies and gentlemen, normal service has been resumed...

As you may have heard, there was recently a major disaster with After a subtle nudge from Magnus, I figured I'd better sort out a new home for my blog as apparently I'm one of few remaining 404's on the PostgreSQL blog aggregator.

So, here we go. As a fairly heavy user of Google products already, it made sense to use Blogger, which despite the expected issues with the WYSIWYG editor and copy/paste on the Mac, so far seems pretty good. I've managed to scrape together most of the old posts thanks to the WayBack Machine which is good. A few have probably gone forever, but such is life.

Anyway, more later - I'll post a news update on some PostgreSQL work shortly...