Sunday 10 April 2005

Err, OK then - a blog

So there I am on a Saturday afternoon having just sent the kids off on a brief holiday with the in-laws, helping my brother sort out a DNS snafu with one of his sites (Endurance Life), when Devrim GUNDUZ pings me on ICQ. 

"Morning Dave" 

he says, followed by 

"do you want to start a blog on PlanetPostgreSQL?". 

My instant reaction is along the lines of: 

"what's the point? Who'd want to read my drivel?" 

and well, I'm still not convinced that anyone would! Still, Devrim pointed out that as one of the PostgreSQL webmasters, pgAdmin lead developer and a pgInstaller developer I might actually have something vaguely interesting to say, so for some reason that still completely escapes me, I said "OK, why not". I'm damn sure I'll get the mickey taken out of me by the anti-bloggers at work but who cares? So, anyway; I'm Dave Page and well, I guess this is my shiny new blog!

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