Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Random Ramblings

Some random noise for the old blog...

First off, an article by Jason Gilmore discusses 5 outdated reasons why people don't choose PostgreSQL. pgAdmin gets a mention under the No professional development and administration tools section. The article was picked up and discussed in depth on Slashdot.

Second, (in a shameless plug) a small site I've been developing in spare five minute sessions for my wife Jo went live the other is powered by PostgreSQL 8.1 (of course), running with Apache and PHP on FreeBSD. The more interesting part of the work was interfacing the site with Paypal who provide some great resources for developers, including an extremely useful sandbox version of their site for developers to test and experiment with.

'Nothing spectacular' I hear some of you cry - well, perhaps not. Certainly technically there's nothing particularly difficult in the site code, but coming from a decidedly non-commercial work environment as I do it made a very refreshing and welcome change to do something completely different. Now if only I could get my head round Google Adwords...