Monday, 17 November 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, normal service has been resumed...

As you may have heard, there was recently a major disaster with After a subtle nudge from Magnus, I figured I'd better sort out a new home for my blog as apparently I'm one of few remaining 404's on the PostgreSQL blog aggregator.

So, here we go. As a fairly heavy user of Google products already, it made sense to use Blogger, which despite the expected issues with the WYSIWYG editor and copy/paste on the Mac, so far seems pretty good. I've managed to scrape together most of the old posts thanks to the WayBack Machine which is good. A few have probably gone forever, but such is life.

Anyway, more later - I'll post a news update on some PostgreSQL work shortly...


  1. You're not "one of the few remaining". There are a lot of others remaining as well.

    That said, welcome back!

  2. Hey you're right - I misread your IM. Dammit, now I wasted 2 hours before I needed to!