Friday, 5 December 2008

StackBuilder application updates

I've just published a number of updates to various StackBuilder applications (if you're not sure what Stackbuilder is, see my previous blog post which included a brief description). The updates available are:
  • ApachePHP has been updated to Apache v2.2.10 & PHP v5.2.6 (Linux 32/64 bit, OS X and Windows).
  • Drupal has been updated to v6.6 (Linux 32/64 bit, OS X and Windows).
  • mediaWiki has been updated to 1.13.2 (Windows).
  • psqlODBC has been updated to 08.03.0400 (Linux 32/64 bit, OS X and Windows).
  • EnterpriseDB Tuning Wizard has been updated to 1.2 (Linux 32/64 bit and OS X).
So, fire up StackBuilder and start downloading those updates!

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