Wednesday 25 March 2009

Sony game using Postgres technology

Seeing as I've got a few minutes spare having just announced the next pgAdmin beta (checkout the Visual Tour), I figured it was about time for quick blog post to prove I am still alive :-p

Some people will certainly be aware that Sony Online Entertainment are a customer of EnterpriseDB and use our PostgreSQL-derived Postgres Plus Advanced Server product as the database behind a number of the services they offer - none of which I really knew anything about. Well for the first time I can actually point to one of their new games called Free Realms which is built on Advanced Server. I can't say I'm a gamer so I won't even try anything like a review, but it looks like some serious work has gone into it, and I can imagine my kids spending far too much time on it given half a chance!

For an open-source geek this is pretty cool stuff, right up there with Yahoo's use of pgAdmin with their massive Everest database - forget unseen financial systems, company CMSs or website shopping carts - this is code I (and many others) have hacked on and is being used to power fun and interesting stuff that potentially appeals to millions of users.

So, feel free to feed my geek ego and check it out :-)

1 comment:

  1. This is so nice to see it finally happening as I still remember back in end of 2005 when it all started at EnterpriseDB with Sony while I was working there as well :)

    Best of luck to all at EnterpriseDB...