Friday 4 December 2009

pgAdmin 1.10.1 released

pgAdmin 1.10.1 has now been released. A source tarball, and builds for Windows and Mac OS X are now available in the downloads area of the website - expect additional distributions to become available over the next few days.

pgAdmin is the leading Open Source GUI interface to PostgreSQL, and can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD.

This is a bug fix release, including the following changes:
  • Replace Alt-F4 with Ctrl-Q and Ctrl-W.
  • Prevent a crash if the edit grid is closed whilst it is loading data.
  • Don't attempt to remove rows in the edit grid if the user presses the delete key when the delete button is disabled.
  • Only offer valid server encodings for new databases.
  • Fix font dialogue on Snow Leopard.
  • Fix an issue with the ordering of the mappings in a text search configuration.
  • Fix a potential crash bug in the object browser.
  • Reverse engineer empty (not NULL) ACLs correctly.
  • Fix Greenplum support for column oriented partitions.
  • Ensure function variables get reset if the function is modified.
  • Fix cluster creation for Slony 2.0.
  • Reverse engineer function defaults values correctly.
  • Fix a potential crash in the edit grid.
  • Fix domain creation/modification for domains in non-default schemas.
  • Reverse engineer language privileges correctly.
  • Get rid of "No SQL query was generated." message dialog when no tables are selected in the GQB.
  • Hints files should be encoded in UTF-8.
  • Include comments on procedures in the reverse engineered SQL.
  • Fix debugger name resolution on 64 bit Solaris.
  • Fix Slony cluster creation on Solaris.
  • Fix foreign key creation on Solaris.
  • Fix an SQL syntax error when viewing the dependencies of a sequence.
  • Fix saving of macros.
  • Better fix for schedule and step dialogs.
  • Fix the menu entry in frmQuery.
  • Fix the dlgFunction handling of preload libraries.
  • Fix schedule and step dialogs.
  • Fix error thrown when examining a Slony 2.x cluster.
Happy upgrading!


  1. FWIW, new packages hit Fedora repositories.

  2. Dave,

    Thanks. This is very much appreciated.


  3. Thanks Devrim.
    You're welcome Regina.


  4. Is There a new package in Ubuntu repositories?

  5. The Ubuntu packages are maintained outside of the project these days, so I cannot say exactly when they'll be available. I believe the author normally publishes them quite promptly though.