Monday, 22 February 2010

PostgreSQL Europe opens for general membership

After numerous emails, meetings in foreign lands and changes to the statutes, PostgreSQL Europe finally opened it's doors to new members today, of which I became the very first. Well, OK, technically I'm the fifth, as the elected board made up the first four, but I was the first non-elected, fee paying member.

So 'what's the point?' I hear you cry, and 'why should I part with my hard-earned cash?'. Well, joining PostgreSQL Europe costs €10 for 2 years membership, which is a fraction of what some other groups charge. You won't get a email address for your money, but you do get the chance to vote for PostgreSQL Europe board members of your choosing, at the annual elections. Those four board members (who will become five after the upcoming elections) decide what events and activities the not-for-profit organisation will be involved in, and how to spend the money - what events should be sponsored, what swag should be purchased and so on.

Membership is open to anyone resident in geographical Europe (including all of Turkey and Russia), so if you want to join and play a part in the future of PostgreSQL, you can sign up on the website. Don't leave it too long though - you need to be a member for at least a month to be eligible to vote in future elections.


  1. There is no option to get forgotten password !

  2. You can reset your password here:

  3. I've modified the website so there is now a link directly from the login page to the recovery form.