Wednesday 1 April 2009


Dear pgAdmin Community,

You may be aware that the pgAdmin project has been in existence for nearly 11 years now. During this time, the development team have spent thousands of hours writing hundreds of thousands of lines of code and documentation, engineering complex features and support for multiple versions of PostgreSQL, Postgres Plus and Greenplum, and providing support to thousands of users. As I'm sure you can understand, after so many years a group of the development team members have reached the point where we feel we've given as much as we can to the project.

Having received a offer from a very large and well known software company for ownership of our copyright to the source code, we have decided to close down the project, effective immediately. I cannot speak for all of my colleagues on the development team but personally I am looking forward to a complete change of lifestyle, having purchased a farm in New Zealand where my family and I will be raising sheep and I get to play thrash metal on my bass guitar as loudly as I like without annoying the neighbours! Magnus tells me he is looking into upgrading his yacht and taking a trip around the world, and Guillaume is going to spend his time drinking wine in his new vinyard at Château Margoux.

Please be aware that the mailing lists and website will be shutdown around 12PM today as the project transitions to its new owner who will be announcing availability of support contracts and professional services shortly.

I'd like to thank all of our users and contributors over the past 11 years - it's been an absolute pleasure working with all of you.

Dave Page
pgAdmin Project Lead


  1. Thanks Dave!

    What a loss for community! :)

  2. hahahahahahahahaha! Good joke, Dave! April 1st! =)

  3. I just decided to fork pgadmin3:

    Please see the website for details.

  4. Thank goodness Devrim forked. I think we'll survive this.

    Well its been nice knowing you Dave and I wish you well. Don't go deaf playing your bass and tell Guillaume to not be greedy with his wine and send a couple of bottles for door prizes at PostgreSQL conferences.

  5. I'm very pleased to reveal that EnterpriseDB is the acquiring company of PGAdmin. The project is a key part of our preparations for an acquisition by Oracle, and will be maintained actively as a strategic investment. Of course, we will immediately close the source code, and make the product fully interoperable with Enterprise Manager. Any questions should go directly to Bruce Momjian, VP of Mergers and Acquisitions.

  6. Uh, Andy, Bruce Momjian here; you promised my role in this was going to be kept secret.

  7. Dave, you've really left out the most important piece of information here: what bands have influenced your thrash bass style?

  8. :-)

    Metallica mainly, but I'm also partial to a little Megadeth and Machine Head to name a couple. I actually tend to listen to a much wider range of music (particularly Queensryche, Reel Big Fish, GnR, The Almighty for instance), but prefer to play the faster and heavier stuff.

  9. When I heard this news I was totally devastated. Even more devastated that the first time I saw goat chess on my pizza fungi. But hey, all good things come to an end or something :)