Monday, 11 May 2009

EnterpriseDB party at PGCon

A few people have asked me if EnterpriseDB will be hosting a party at PGCon 2009, as we've done in previous years, and I'm pleased to announce that yes, we will!

As always, the party is open to all PGCon attendees, organisers and speakers and will include a dinner and booze (Mmmmm, beeeer). This year however, due to popular demand we have not booked the dueling pianos again!

The party will be at:

The Velvet Room
62 York Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 5T1
(613) 241-6810


Doors open at 6:30PM on Thursday 21st May, and dinner will be served from around 7PM. See you there!


  1. That's a very good question :-). It's Thursday night - I've updated the posting to note that.