Thursday 21 May 2009

PGCon 2009 - Day 1

Yesterday was the first full day for me at PGCon here in Ottawa. After quite a few beers upon arrival on Tuesday evening, the quiet serenity of the Developer Meeting seemed like it would be the perfect way to unwind. Following weeks of planning (mainly on Greg's part), the Novotel proved to be an excellent venue, with a nice room, AV equipment that just worked, and some interesting food (popcorn, fruit pizza or candyfloss anyone?). We had 24 hackers there in person, and were joined by Suzuki-san, Shimogaki-san and Takahiro-san (from NTT) on the phone - who were with us from something like 10PM to 6AM their time - and Simon Riggs via Skype. The minutes will be posted on the wiki as soon as Josh Berkus is able to write them up from his notes, but in short, we had a number of fruitful discussions on various topics. Certainly a successful meeting in my mind.

After we left the Novotel, Selena, Magnus and I headed to Don Cherries to work on our slides. I had a text from Magnus just before I left the UK, telling me we were doing the keynote. Of course, I put it down to too much beer on his art, but it turns out we did manage to get conned into doing the talk, so figured we'd better come up with something to talk about. It's only a short slot, so I shouldn't be able to embarress myself too much hopefully.

Finished off the evening with a quick beer with Denis, Jimbo and Scottie from EDB and Gavin, Jonah and Michael from, before heading off to Colonade Pizza for pizza and a couple more beers with a few of the usual suspects, courtesy of Paul, head honcho at the Pythian Group. Thanks Paul!

Oh well, that's enough for now - got that pesky keynote soon and need to get ready. More later, after this year's EnterpriseDB Party (assuming I survive)!

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